Sky Born's Modern Secondary School


"Rebranding is not just about outlook, it is a complete makeover."
Sky Born's modern secondary school has made a name for itself by embodying a modern education paradigm and producing exceptional minds for decades. The logo we created for Sky Born's embodies their brand's mission statement. Their brand's future is firmly established through their logo, which depicts learning as a means of improving the world. With a simple yet thoughtful logo, the idea of being in that world of learning is conveyed. We picked Blue colour for the logo, since Blue is an inherently positive colour that attributes to the values of brilliance, freedom, inspiration and imagination. It instils a sense of accomplishment. There was no other colour that we could think of that would go well with the brand's identity. This was something we were quite passionate about, and it shows in other aspects like font.
Rebranding is a marketing approach that involves giving an existing brand a new name, symbol, or design update. The goal of rebranding is to differentiate a company's identity from that of its competitors in the marketplace. In other words Rebranding is an art of business.

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